Play earrings - Preorder


Preorder – this product is available for preorder. By preordering a product you support our designers in realizing their collection. Once the target quantity has been reached we will proceed with the production. For more information have a look at our Support a Designer  page.

The Story

The collection PLAY is created to remind you to explore the world and don’t stop playing. With a stone hidden within the wireframe, you are remembered to let your inner child out, which is represented by the stone at the end of the hoop.

Material: 925  Sterling Silver


Eva Elbo Petersen

My name is Eva Elbo Petersen, I am the creative mind behind Extended Play Jewellery. I get my inspiration from movement and the balance of nature and its miracles. Every piece i create is to remind people to always keep their curiosity alive. I like to test the limits of my danish design heritage and mix it with my personality.