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The Story behind
Tunnel ring a thousand circles, the inspiration comes from the circle as a symbol of perfection, and is the ideal representation of the time of year, day or night, the eternal return of the screw, then of immortality.

Solid casted silver, with the circle as its main shape, Melissa ring is the result of the union of hundred circles aligned in the same direction.Details

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Sizes: S ø53mm, M ø55mm, L ø57mm


Marinella Tamburro

I’m Marinella Tamburro and in 2004, together with my partner Angelo, I opened my own jewellery company in Italy. Our company is specialized on exclusive designs and materials and thanks to our many years of experience and continuous investments in new technologies, we are able to combine long traditions with innovation. I try to make designs that benefit of this combination

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