Triggs necklace

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The Story behind
White or black? Triggs, the white sheep and Shady the black sheep live peacefully together on a farm in the mountains, as they want to escape from the noise of the citiy.

The pendant is made out of three moving pieces, all of them made in silver and the main body piece is filled with white enamel.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver and white enamel
Measures: 26mm high x 26mm wide, Chain: 39cm length


Birgit Reiger

Hello everybody, I am Birgit Reiger an Austrian designer who started working under the label Paula.Paul, in Vienna. Today, with quite a lot of experience in my hands, I enjoy designing jewellery with nature, particularly animal shapes. I always try to add colour to my creations, so they can be more playful.

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