Kala necklace

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The Story behind
The Kala necklace came out of a study on succulent plants. The shapes of the leaves where simplified right down to their purest geometric forms.

The Kala necklace is made of double-folded sterling silver, with the inside/facing side housing a brushed surface and the outside holding a high polish creating a point of interest where the two are seen together.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: 50mm high x 35mm wide, Chain: 70cm length


Megan Collins

Megan Collins is a contemporary jewellery designer originally from South Africa, now based in London. She has a background in Fashion Design and a Degree in Fine Art from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University of Port Elizabeth and a Diploma in Jewellery Design from the VS Jewellery School in London. She works mainly in Sterling Silver, using sheet or wire as a starting point, however sometimes uses elements of gold or brass or oxidised components to create contrasts. Most of her inspiration is drawn from natural forms, often ones that reflect her South African heritage.

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