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Oceana gold set

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The Story behind
Luana and Leta are part of the Oceana Collection - this set is inspired by the blue and green reflections of the ocean under the golden sunset. The beautiful Swarovski crystals create an unpretentious and elegant sparkle.
Created by one of our Next Ateliers Designers and produced in a small Atelier in Italy.

This dainty set of necklace and bracelet are made in Gold plated 925 Sterling silver with miniature green Swarovski crystals, which provide them a touch of vibrancy. The crystals are a delightful detail embedded in the same material of the chain, making the design flow and converge in one harmonious piece. The beginning and the end of the crystals are uncovered, showcasing a soft plane surface on the top and the ending of the crystal at the bottom.

Material: Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, green and white Swarovski crystals
Measures: Embedded blue crystals: ø 3mm and ø 5mm. 
Necklace - Chain length: 39/44cm length (adjustable)
Bracelet - Chain length: 16/18cm length (adjustable)


Next Atelier

Next Atelier is our stage for newcomers and new talents, where we seek to find the next great designers for our collective. This section is a pool of designers and Ateliers who do not want to create a brand yet, or who want to test some their products in the real world. The best ones will for sure become part of our core team of Fab-Atelier designers.

Support a designer by acquiring one of these products and be part of our mission to create with love!

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