Laia necklace silver

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The Story behind
My name is Laia, I belong to the Oceana collection. I am the light blue water shining when the sun touches my crystal surface, mixed with the silver crest of the waves that freely move and caress the sand to gentle become all one. I am resilient, I am light. I came here to bring you colour and highlight the beauty of your soul. You can take me with you everyday, as I am simple but stylish or wear me with one of my kind. 

This dainty necklace is made in 925 Sterling silver with miniature light blue Swarovski crystals, which provide the necklace a touch of vibrancy. The crystals are a delightful detail embedded in the same material of the chain, which makes the design flow and converge in one harmonious piece. The beginning and the end of the crystals are uncover, representing the Ocean, it can be calm, and at the same time can be furious, showcasing a soft plane surface on the top and the sharp ending of the crystal at the bottom. Don't worry, it is yet to tiny to hurt yourself.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: Embedded blue crystals: ø 3mm and ø 5mm.
Chain length: 39/44cm length (adjustable)


Sarita & Co.

Sarita&Co. is colour, is smile, is strength. My name is Sarita González and this is my story... I consider myself a nomad jewellery lover, an Industrial Designer by profession, a maker by nature. In the persuit of new stories, the tropic waves brought me somehow to the Austrian Alps, where I found a place to chase my dream of having a jewellery brand. My style is simple, as once the wise poet Oscar Wilde said "My tastes are simple, I am always satisfied with the best".

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