Claire necklace gold

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The Story behind
"Purity prepares the soul for love, and love confirms the soul in purity"
There is definitely a beauty in simplicity. The good news is that you can never wear too much minimalist jewelry.

Claire is part of the KK collection. Essential necklace designed to wear everyday. The collection consists of very simple and delicate designs that can be worn as a single piece or combined together to give you a very stylish and sleek overall look that will bring out your confidence and cool appearance.

Material: Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: 38 mm high x 17 mm wide
Chain: 65 cm length

This item is also available as a set.
Crafted with love in Italy


Karo Kauer

Hi, I'm Karo Kauer, a photographer Germany, nowadays living in Hamburg. Fashion has always played an important role in my life, as fashion gives me a chance to share a different part of myself with the world, reinventing myself everyday, as I just LOVE to craft a good outfit every single day.

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