Feivel earrings

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The Story behind
Feivel in Yiddish means “bright, radiant”. These sophisticated earrings are the result of a pure fluid and feminine piece which emphasises the beauty of the woman who dares to wear them. The long curved shaped open in the centre of the whole piece to let the light goes through and highlight the convexity and concavity of itself.

This pair of earrings transforms from a concave to a convex shape by twisting the silver itself, elegantly and smoothly. This modern piece of jewellery combines the most advanced 3D printing technologies with traditional handcraft techniques.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: ø 61 mm



Sheyn is a Vienna-based small dedicated design studio. Every single piece we design receives a unique Yiddish name. Yiddish is a language that blends together Hebrew and German and we use it to emphasise the connection between an Israeli designer and an Austrian IT developer. This blending represents all what SHEYN is about: a small but dedicated design studio that merges different worlds.

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