CawCaw earrings

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The Story behind
Caw Caw earrings are inspired by the idea of social media and how you have to be shiny and colorful to be shown. The body piece is meant to be worn when you finally expose yourself to the world so that you are still shiny and colorful but also have your own protection.

This modern pair of earrings are made in solid casted silver and plated in fine silver for the extra shine. They are a distilled piece of the larger bodypiece, light enough to swing delicately and playfully without hurting the ears.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: 75 mm high


Clara Nguyen

I'm Clara, a multimedia artist, in the past, I used to build food sculptures and plan spaces for work and now I am concentrating on building sculptures planned for the space around your body.
My designs represents my fears for the enormous and incredibly fast develop of the media.

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