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How our jewellery is made

Globalized brands and mass productions have changed the jewellery industry in many ways, some good and some bad, but for sure they aren’t the future we intend to create. Fab-Atelier was conceived to oppose the loss of authenticity and passion in the creation of jewellery. We didn't like the corporate world and started to look for a way to make a difference. Our journey begun with the pursuit of old fashioned ideals and soon led us to Italy, where making jewellery is still an art in the quest of perfection.
Sometimes new paths merge with old ones and create a newer and stronger route.

Italians love for beauty and the artisan expertise dates back centuries and is still suspended in between past and present. The excellent blending of tradition and style has made Italy a world leader in the technique of working jewellery and precious metals. Every region in Italy has its own character and specialisation and most of the goldsmith businesses have now been family owned for many generations. Some regions, as the Piedmont and Tuscany have an artisan tradition that reaches back for more than 1000 years, a tradition which they enhanced over centuries with modern techniques and materials.

The air that we breathed at the countless Italian ateliers we have visited was filled with history and passion and made it easy for us to decide where our products should be crafted.  

That’s why our products are all crafted in Italy with love!