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Our Story

We are Fab Atelier, a platform based in a small village in Austria with a huge network within the worldwide jewellery industry. Our aim is nothing less than to bring old values into the new jewellery industry.

We believe that the beauty of jewellery derives from its unique story. These are stories that are worth being told, but too often end buried in the cupboard of a large corporation. We are here to put these designs in the spotlight by offering their creators the chance to enter the jewellery market and to build their own brand.

In addition, we provide support at any stage of the process from prototyping to sales. If you feel that people should get the chance to find some fresh designs in stores, and designers should be able to get their ideas going, then you found the right place.

What we do

We enable jewellery designers to craft their collections and to start their own brand. We have access to a broad network of new and talented designers through our cooperation’s with renowned design schools all over the planet, but we certainly welcome talents who contact us directly. Fab-Atelier mentors the designers through the design process and gives them the opportunity to manufacture their collection. Through a Preorder process we are able to finance small series without any costs for the designer. We further help the designers to start their business, to market themselves and in any other way we can.

Fab-Atelier has a broad network of manufacturers and goldsmiths in Italy and through the combined volume we are able to manufacture small series at highly competitive prices. Our jewellery is crafted in traditional ateliers and in small series. We believe a regional and sustainable craftsmanship to be a major asset of our products, which fits the growing demand from our customers.

On our platform and our media channels we market the designer and their products with the aim to make them and Fab-Atelier grow together – as a team.