• Ana Pina

    Ana Pina

    Hello, I am Ana Pina, a portuguese architect with a jewellery studio in Porto, my hometown.
    I enjoy creating unique jewellery pieces, made with traditional jewellery techniques mixed contemporary design concepts, each jewel is individually handcrafted in my Porto-based studio, where I constantly explore new contrast and textures over silver surfaces.
  • Andrea Auer

    Andrea Auer

    Andrea Auer is an artist and designer, born in 1972 in Gmunden (Upper Austria). She completed a training as a belt maker, goldsmith and silversmith at the HTL Steyr and holds a degree from the Art University of Linz. The eponymous label of the designer living in Vienna was founded in 2002.
  • Annelotte Vos

    Annelotte Vos

    SOTINE jewellery was created by Annelotte Vos, a designer from the Netherlands. Nature, history, photography, culture, music, art but also every day life are endless sources of inspiration. The collections subtly reflects the personality and sensibility of the designer, the sublime creations of SOTINE reinvent themselves constantly.
  • Barbara Dominicus

    Barbara Dominicus

    Barbara Dominicus born in The Hague and now she's living in an small village near Utrecht with her husband Boudewijn, a lovely man with eccentric shoes. Barbara is enthusiastic, enjoys laughing and loves her work as a senior HRM advisor. She also enjoys taking lots of photos, and about her personality, she's rather impulsive. Sometimes she likes to be alone and sometimes she loves to be amongst people.
  • Birgit Reiger

    Birgit Reiger

    Hello everybody, I am Birgit Reiger an Austrian designer who started working under the label Paula.Paul, in Vienna. Today, with quite a lot of experience in my hands, I enjoy designing jewellery with nature, particularly animal shapes. I always try to add colour to my creations, so they can be more playful.
  • Caroline Formby

    Caroline Formby

    Caroline Formby is an Industrial Designer from Sweden. She has been living and studying in Rome and spent much of her life travelling. Differnt countries and cultures have influneced her style and her jewellery. Nowadays, Caroline is back in Sweden, working in a large design firm and designing jewelelry for her own.
  • Chia Wei

    Chia Wei

    There are simple pieces for daily life, but there are also special pieces for very special occasions. Chia believes every piece of jewelry has its own statement and personality. Her designs combine stories with distinctive textures, which inspired by her passion and rich imagination.
  • Clara Nguyen

    Clara Nguyen

    I'm Clara, a multimedia artist, in the past, I used to build food sculptures and plan spaces for work and now I am concentrating on building sculptures planned for the space around your body.
    My designs represents my fears for the enormous and incredibly fast develop of the media.
  • Claudio Donadello

    Claudio Donadello

    Claudio Donadello is born into the in the jewellery industry and runs a family business located in Vicenza. His laboratory is well known jewellery manufacturing company in Italy where he works together with his two brothers. They all share the passion and everyone fulfils a different task for the creation of new jewellery products.

  • Eva Elbo Petersen

    Eva Elbo Petersen

    My name is Eva Elbo Petersen, I am the creative mind behind Extended Play Jewellery. I get my inspiration from movement and the balance of nature and its miracles. Every piece i create is to remind people to always keep their curiosity alive. I like to test the limits of my danish design heritage and mix it with my personality.

  • Giorgio Vespignani

    Giorgio Vespignani

    My name is Giorgio Vespignani and I was born 1998, in the north of Italy. My family has always worked with gold and at the age of 15 I started to study design and to find my own style. Since the very beginning, I understood that I love simplicity; I found beauty in simple clean geometric shapes. I started to work in our family business, bringing new fresh ideas and learning from my parents all what they know about jewellery production. Nowadays, we produce my collections and combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with refined design. I want to create jewellery that's timeless in design and made to last.

  • Judith Jules

    Judith Jules

    Judith & Jules is a jewelry line based in the South of France, created by the German architect Linda Müller. Born in Germany under the zodiac sign of Pisces, she is exceptionally gifted artistically. Creativity rules her world. Although she graduated from a technical college of architecture with a Master's Degree, Linda found her passion in jewelry design. She has always been fascinated by hands-on art. After working for five years in architectural design she moved to France, the place of bafflingly effortless, incredibly chic sense of style.
  • Karo Kauer

    Karo Kauer

    Hi, I'm Karo Kauer, a photographer Germany, nowadays living in Hamburg. Fashion has always played an important role in my life, as fashion gives me a chance to share a different part of myself with the world, reinventing myself everyday, as I just LOVE to craft a good outfit every single day.

  • Larissa


    My name is Larissa and I live in Innsbruck where I just got my BA in architecture. To create with forms and designs is why I love architecture and the combination with my sense of fashion led me to the creation of my fist jewellery collection. I love the calm and imposing mountains that surround me here my native region, but I enjoy travelling as well, because it opens the heart to the world and inspires me over and over again.

  • Lena Todorovic

    Lena Todorovic

    Hello, I'm Lena. I always had a strong passion for jewellery and therefore I studied Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar Oberstein, one of the leading design schools of the world. My designs are a little like me, full of colours and joyful. Every design reflects a story and this is one of the most important aspects of my work.

  • Lidia Petrovski

    Lidia Petrovski

    I’m Lidia Petrovski, a goldsmith and jewellery designer living in Vienna. I like to think of jewellery as a time traveller and a witness to our stories. It fascinates me that the same piece of art can be connected with a variety of memories, over generations and with no areal limitation - crafted by my hands. I feel blessed.

  • Marinella Tamburro

    Marinella Tamburro

    I’m Marinella Tamburro and in 2004, together with my partner Angelo, I opened my own jewellery company in Italy. Our company is specialized on exclusive designs and materials and thanks to our many years of experience and continuous investments in new technologies, we are able to combine long traditions with innovation. I try to make designs that benefit of this combination
  • Megan Collins

    Megan Collins

    Megan Collins is a contemporary jewellery designer originally from South Africa, now based in London. She has a background in Fashion Design and a Degree in Fine Art from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University of Port Elizabeth and a Diploma in Jewellery Design from the VS Jewellery School in London. She works mainly in Sterling Silver, using sheet or wire as a starting point, however sometimes uses elements of gold or brass or oxidised components to create contrasts. Most of her inspiration is drawn from natural forms, often ones that reflect her South African heritage.

  • Michaela Koller

    Michaela Koller

    I’m Michaela Koller and I was born in Switzerland. As a young designer I moved to Austria to study Industrial Design and Architecture at University for Applied Arts. I started to design furniture and I got nominated for the Nespresso Design Prize Milan's furniture fair. After my graduation with distinction, I had the chance to collaborate and to design with various renowned companies. I managed to gain some international recognition with my nomination for the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

  • Next Atelier

    Next Atelier

    Next Atelier is our stage for newcomers and new talents, where we seek to find the next great designers for our collective. This section is a pool of designers and Ateliers who do not want to create a brand yet, or who want to test some their products in the real world. The best ones will for sure become part of our core team of Fab-Atelier designers.

    Support a designer by acquiring one of these products and be part of our mission to create with love!
  • Pedro Regadas

    Pedro Regadas

    I am Pedro Regadas, a Portuguese designer who sees the Design as a way of life, a passion and a continuous discovery. I am much more into the product design, but for me, designing a piece of jewellery is a new and amazing challenge.

  • Rainer Mutsch

    Rainer Mutsch

    I’m Rainer Mutsch and I own a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vienna, my native city. Together with my team, we develop products that are elegant, precise, yet simple and above all are meant to meet human needs. Designing a jewellery collection was a beautiful way to materialised the creation of elegant wearable products inspired by nature.

  • Regina Tschurtschenthaler

    Regina Tschurtschenthaler

    I’m Regina Tschurtschenthaler, a Tyrol-based graphic and industrial designer. After graduating the higher technical institute for graphic and communication design in Innsbruck as well as the University of Applied Arts for industrial design in Vienna I started to design professionally. I won several art and design competitions and I enjoy to design for different industries.

  • Sheyn


    Sheyn is a Vienna-based small dedicated design studio. Every single piece we design receives a unique Yiddish name. Yiddish is a language that blends together Hebrew and German and we use it to emphasise the connection between an Israeli designer and an Austrian IT developer. This blending represents all what SHEYN is about: a small but dedicated design studio that merges different worlds.
  • Thomas Feichtner

    Thomas Feichtner

    I am Thomas Feichtner, an industrial designer currently living in Vienna. My work is internationally well known, as I have designed for numerous products for international brands. I positioned my work as midway between industry and handicrafts, mass production and one-of-a-kinds.
    My collaboration with Fab-Atelier as a jewellery designer speak for my work, the combination of industrial and handcrafted products.