Polygon disc bracelet silver

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The Story behind
The POLYGON collection is all about playing with geometry. Geometry lies at the core of the architectural design process. Combine simple forms, such as triangles, rectangles and circles and you are able to create spectacular architecture. This collection is the translation of the geometrical part of architecture into a jewellery design piece. 

Dainty 925 sterling silver chain with a very special disc pendant, faceted high polished edges with a delicate smooth brushed main core. The Polygon disc will steal all glances, as it reflects light in a very sophisticated way.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: ø 13mm, 1.5mm thickness
Chain length: 17,5/19,5cm (adjustable)



My name is Larissa and I live in Innsbruck where I just got my BA in architecture. To create with forms and designs is why I love architecture and the combination with my sense of fashion led me to the creation of my fist jewellery collection. I love the calm and imposing mountains that surround me here my native region, but I enjoy travelling as well, because it opens the heart to the world and inspires me over and over again.

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