A fairytale turned into jewellery…

A fairytale turned into jewellery…

Sleeping Beauty rings

Fairytales take us to another world: they make you remember how to be a child again. As a child you are so lighthearted and free, travels in your own world.
When you are an adult, you are always very busy, time flies and you have a "to do list" for every day. Do you really have to do all of it?

Time, silence and sleep... No alarm clock! Start the day well rested- these are the things you are dreaming about.
Sometimes we just need to put everything aside and get some time for ourselves far away from all the hustle, just relax and focus on the important things of life.Make a brake, take a walk, drink a coffee, and sleep as long as you need. All of it makes you happy. Everybody is hoping for a happy end. That is a reason why everybody loves fairytales.

A lot of sleep, free time and happy ending- these things inspired me for creating the Sleeping Beauty rings.

Once upon a time... Chapter 1. The Sleeping Beauty